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Entry #1


2017-01-24 18:02:09 by Xzuber8


Jupiter151atlantis TUEM212417XW151229GenXRev22:7-9

*Billed as W'hiteP'irateP'ittsburgS'topedR'edE'yes

*Do Not try this at home if you are a minor

Good Morning Breakfast Club

Dose anyone in the aera of st pete want to meet up at IHOP sometime.


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2017-05-19 02:57:10

I notice in your painting it stands for "JO". What does JO stand for? Is that a person? I'd like to know.

Xzuber8 responds:

"Jo"= Joseph Mary's Husband. St Joseph Hospital In Tampa. Joana The Prophet ; The sign of Joana, Gi Joe... My Little Brother Joseph Anthony, My Older Brothers Girlfriend Jo.. J-o Baby